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Windows XP Tips & Tricks

This is one of the oldest articles on this site. (Now, there are several other web pages on the Internet with the same title. But, this was the first one!) I have left this article here for old times' sake.




Boot Menu

System Settings


Windows XP, unlike Windows 9x/Me, has easily configurable background processes. In NT-based systems such as Windows XP, there are so many of them running at the same time that turning off some useless services will help in performance. If you turn the setting for these services to Manual, then they will not hog so much resources and will come up only when asked to. Right-click on My Computer and select Manage. Here, choose Services to look at the list of services that are running. Some of the Automatic services here can be changed to Manual. DO NOT TRY THESE TIPS if you do not understand them properly.



Command Prompt

Sometimes, you need to use the command-line interface to accomplish certain tasks. A feature that lacks in the Command Prompt is easy support for Windows Clipboard. This video shows how to add copy-paste support to cmd.exe.


* - Wi-Fi does not stand for Wireless Fidelity. It is merely a play on the term Hi-Fi (High Fidelity).