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Traditional, Kerala-style, Vastu-compliant house plans

Kerala is the home of many ancient Indian traditions, Sanskrit and Ayurveda. It is also the place famous for its tiled houses (ottu veedu), many of them with full-height attics (thattil)), and four-sided houses (naalukettu) with open-to-the-sky central courtyards (nadumuttam).

In this article, I provide house plans for five such houses. All of the houses, except the last one, are Vastu-perfect for the initial plan stage. The houses can be built as tiled roof or terrace (RCC) roof houses. All plans are for square houses. Kitchen is always in the East. There are either 3 or 4 bedrooms. The bathroom and toilet are outside the house but accessible from an attached verandah.

In another article "Vastu Shastra Explained", I have provided the Vastu basis on which all of these plans were created. It will provide answers to all your Vastu-related questions.

4-BHK Vastu house plan for East-facing plot

This is the best plan as per Vastu. The main entrance in the 6th and 7th Vastu Mandala positions of the East wall falls entirely in the hall. Hall and kitchen are 8x11 feet. There are four bedrooms in this small house.

Vastu plan for East-facing Kerala-style house

3 BHK Vastu house plan for North-facing plot

The bedroom in the North is designated as a library as pooja room should not be in the bed room. Main entrance is close to the left side of the hall.

Vastu plan for North-facing Kerala-style house

3BHK Vastu house plan for West-facing plot

This plan has three bedrooms. The hall is in the West and the kitchen is in the East. Main entrance is close to the left side of the hall.

Vastu plan for West-facing Kerala-style house

House plan for South-facing plot

A South-facing plot is permitted in Vastu Shastra. The fact that this direction is ruled by Lord Yama is not problem, as it is a cardinal direction. However, on small and square house plans, there are certain difficulties. The main entrance should be in the 6th and 7th position. This means that the hall will take up the place where the kitchen would have been located. Kitchen has to be moved to the North West quadrant, as Vayu (Air) is compatible with Agni (fire). However, the the cooking stove will have to be in the South East corner of that quadrant, right next to the central Brahmasthal. Another problem is the location of the bathroom/toilet, which I would always prefer to locate below or right of the North West corner. The other option is to place it right of the South West corner. However that would place it right in front of the house. On a big plan, the kitchen could be accommodated to the right of the hall. Otherwise, the West-facing plan can be used instead.

Vastu plan for South-facing Kerala-style house

Two-storey tiled house with thattil (full-height upper level)

This 484 sqft 4-BHK plan is for a typical Kerala-style tiled house. There are four big bed rooms within an area of 484 square feet. It has a thattil or upper level that is full height. The thattil is reached by a staircase. A deviation from the traditional style is the contiguous roof that stretches from the West to the eastern side. In the traditional style, the eastern half would have a separate roof at a lower level. The contiguous roof as been made to permit a balcony that would connect to the eastern side.

The upper level is on the western side. The eastern side does not have an upper level. Windows above the regular roof level will have to be made in the western walls of the hall and kitchen to enable communication from the upper level. The verandahs make the plan extremely spacious.

Two-storey ottu veedu or tiled house with thattil or full-height upper level

Naalukettu (four-sided) house plan with open central courtyard

A naalukettu veedu has rooms all around an open central courtyard. I have seen houses with a well and tulasi madam within the central courtyard. Rather than having a verandah around the house, as with colonial residences, these houses have an inner veranda. Vastu authors and consultants do not recommend anything within the Brahmasthal, not even a depressed floor there. The temperature in the inner verandah is much cooler than outside. Underground pipes evacuate rain water that falls on the courtyard.

This 784 sq. ft. plan has four bedrooms and one library. Unlike other plans, bathroom and toilet is within the house, on the Western side. Having just another room there seems wasteful. For this reason, this plan is not 100% Vastu perfect.

Vastu plan for East-facing Kerala-style nalukettu house with nadumuttam