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I started publishing books in 2020. My books are available at Amazon (USA, India, UK, Australia and Canada), Barnes & Noble (USA) and (India). (UK) sources from Amazon UK, which has the cheapest prices, but does not charge for international shipping.

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How To Invest In Stocks
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When I got my first salary (not much), I invested around Rs. 750 in SAIL shares, each one bought at Rs. 7.5. A few months later, I sold the shares at Rs. 1100 - at more than 45% profit. Since then, my practice has been to pick value shares at a low and sell them at a high.

But, I do my research, make my pick, wait for a good time and then sell. I never sell at a loss. I never lose heart when the market goes down or sell my script the moment the price starts to dip. That's what juveniles (called "retail investors") do. I invest in good companies, not the ones that have a lot of hot money chasing them. I am a disciplined invesor. Most retail investors are retards. They are not disciplined. They never do any research. They listen to tips and go after volatile stocks. One fine day, bulls in the sharemaket dump their shares on these greedy investors. The indisciplined investor books the loss each time. I have seen it happen several times. Even experienced brokers take part in the frenzy and lose their shirts.

I hope this e-book will tell you how to invest in the stockmarkets wisely. Remember, there is no profit without hard work. You may book a small profit today listening to a tip but tommorrow you may make a bigger loss listensing to another tip. However, a disciplined investor consistently outperforms the market.

How To Invest In Stockmarkets ebook

How To Invest In Stocks is a free beginner's guide to investing in Indian stock markets. I have written this book based on my own introduction to the stockmarkets. In this e-book, you will find information on actual real-world issues related to investing such as starting a demat account, placing orders, and managing a portfolio.

The book does not carry any hype about investing in the stock markets. It merely identifies sharemarkets as one of many possible investment destinations for your investment portfolio. It provides an easy introduction to company laws, primary market (IPOs), secondary markets, securities regulation, and international and Indian finance, commerce and politics. More importantly, it enables you to perform your own research for identifying trends, making forecasts, and selecting good shares to buy and sell.

And, everything is in plain English. You need not worry that you do not have a degree in business or commerce. Here is the table of contents of the ebook.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Introspection
  3. The Basics
  4. The Company and its Directors
  5. The Real World
  6. Paperless Trading
  7. Demat and Rolling Settlement
  8. Market Movers
  9. The World
  10. Opportunities and Pitfalls

Download PDF eBook

Here is the download link for the 22-page e-book. Save it to your disc or read it from within your browser.

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This free eBook is in PDF format and can be printed to make a booklet.