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2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone

At 2600 jokes, this will be the second biggest jokebook when published. It also has the best one-liners or soundbites ever written by one author.

Best of all, this is not just a jokebook. It is a book that can help improve your kids' general knowledge and English-language skills. All jokes are child-friendly and family friendly.

The book has everything anyone can expect from a jokebook and some unique joke designs that has not been seen before.


Currently, I am contacting literary agents and publishers in various territories. In March 2019, I announced that I was going to write a jokebook with 2000 jokes. After four months, I completed writing the book. Illustrating it took another month. This book-read video took another month.

The jokes begin at the 20-minute mark. The audio had to be removed because of some problems but there are subtitles for the entire duration.

Until then, you can follow the updates on my blog at this URL:

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What's in the book

From the back cover:


This is a book of satire. It satirizes everything except God and country. Political correctness is not an exception. However, this book has been written to make it acceptable to as many people as possible, particularly since all jokes are child-friendly and family-friendly. The blonde jokes are tamer than Dizzy Dames comics. The ethnic jokes are not racist. Confucius-say jokes are philosophical and humourous takes on popular proverbs and expressions. They are all directly based on Mel Blanc's Zookie, not the revolting material they are today. Romantic jokes are devoid of romantic stuff. Instead, they are silly reasons that couples give for breaking up. The political jokes are mostly about parent-child relationship, sibling rivalry, drunkenness and other unrelated subjects.